Found Honey Bees In My Apple Tree That Escaped From A Bee Keeper

honey beesThis past summer while my husband was mowing the grass outside, he went by our apple tree and notice lots of bees. He didn’t want to get too close at that point because he didn’t know what he was dealing with and didn’t want to get attacked. He quickly parked his mower and slowly walked over to see what was going on and why there were so many bees. As he approached the tree, he noticed that these were honey bees. He was unsure of what to do and told me what was going on. Then he was telling another neighbor of ours what was going on. He said that it’s possible bees escaped from a bee keeper up the road and made their way to our apple tree. My husband asked him what he should do and our neighbor said we could call the bee keeper to let him know. My husband got the guy’s name and started to search for this guy’s number. After several attempts to finding his phone number proved unsuccessful, we knew we needed to find a way to get these honey bees out of our tree. We wanted to make sure our son didn’t get attacked and that neither one of us did either.

My husband told our neighbor that he didn’t have any luck finding a phone number for the bee keeper. That’s when our neighbor told us that another neighbor said his brother could get them out of the tree for us. He was new to bee keeping and wanted to get these bees for his hives.

The neighbor called his brother and within 10 minutes he arrived to collect these bees. He had a suit on and all the equipment he would need to get the honey bees. He also brought a few other people with him to help him out.

It only took him a few hours to collect all the bees that had been on the apple tree. There were hundreds of them and I was glad to get rid of them.

We told our neighbor thanks for helping us out with the bees and he said it happens every few years. Since this was our first year here, we didn’t know that. He said the bee keeper up the road occasionally has bees that get lose. At least now we know who to call if this happens again. Hopefully our other neighbor’s brother is still in the bee keeping business if it does happen again so we don’t have to pay anyone to remove them for us. I do plan on finding out who the bee keeper is that lives up the road from us so I can get in contact with him if that ever happens again. I did feel bad that someone else got his bees, however I wasn’t able to get ahold of him and needed the bees gone as soon as possible.

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